Debit order systems

The following systems are available to send debit order requests through and will be discussed in detail below:

File Upload

The File Upload system is a web-based debit order system, where you login with a username and password and upload the debit order batch file.

This system is a manual system where you upload a CSV (text) batch file, with your client’s banking details to our system for processing.


  • Manual submission of debit order batch every month.
  • Easy to use for debit amounts that change monthly.
  • CDV-Checker built in.
  • Easy to remove/add new customers each month.
  • Complete reporting including unpaid, rejection, submitted and repayment reports.

Contract Management

This debit order system functions as database. It includes predetermined fields and will automatically extract a batch file and load it to Bankserv for processing on the contract terms specified.

The client information can be loaded and updated at any given time. At the specified action dates the system will automatically extract a file and upload it for processing.

The file will be extracted 3 days prior to the action date. There should be no manipulation of contracts within this period.


  • Automatically processes the customers for the contract length or until the contract is disabled.
  • Different first amounts and recurring amounts when setting up contracts.
  • CDV-Checker built in.
  • Complete reporting including successful, unsuccessful, dispute, prerun, postrun and repayment reports.

Integration (Web Services)

This is a debit order system where by your front-end system integrates directly with the bank for the facilitation of debit order collections and reconciliations. This is done via Simple Object Attachment Protocol (SOAP).

You will require at least two skilled developers for this integration and be looking at a timeframe of at least six (6) months to implement.


  • Direct integration with the banking system.
  • Send debit order requests directly through your systems to the banking system.
  • Obtain debit order reconciliation directly to your system from the banking system.
  • CDV-checker built in.

SaaS Billing System

The SnapBill debit order system is a comprehensive cloud based billing system that ties in with our debit order facilities and features full invoicing, client management and automated debit order batch generation/submission.

The SnapBill debit order system also automatically processes batch reconciliation and provides statistics and customisable reports.

We connect your website, application or system directly to the debit order collection system through the SnapBill API.


  • Customer is added through integration and batches are built using invoices.
  • The system automatically batches all recurring invoices together that are selected to build the batches.
  • Using the API integration, you will be able to connect your website, application or system directly to the debit order system.
  • Automatic reconciliation of each batch and client, where each payment is updated to the system and statements are updated accordingly.
  • Switching between different payment streams including EFT, NAEDO, AC and credit cards, using one system.
  • CDV-checker built in.

Debit order mandate system

The debit order mandate system allows your customers to sign mandates digitally on any device, including a computer, mobile phone or tablet. Try it here.


  • Electronic acceptance and signing of the mandate on any device.
  • Advanced signature authentication.
  • Fully customisable (own fields and branding).
  • Easy integration with existing systems.
  • Full audit trail from delivery to acceptance.

For more information on how to apply or to find out how debit order collections can help you streamline your collections, please contact us today.

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