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Debit order collection
Direct Debit provides a complete debit order collection software system, where your business can seamlessly collect via debit order from bank accounts and credit cards.

Totally safe and secure
Direct Debit processes all data in a safe and secure environment.
Our AVS also helps with reducing fraud, saving your business time and money.

Direct link to BankServ
Cut out the middleman.
We'll help you to collect via debit order directly to your bank account.

The Complete Debit Order Collection Solution

The E-Mandate is a fully customisable debit order authorisation that can be electronically signed by customers via your website or application on a computer, tablet or mobile device. The electronic mandates also cater for pre-populated user data and can be linked to any debit order signup process.

Features of the Debit Order System

cash flow

Increase cash flow

Debit orders increase your cash flow and ensure you get paid on your terms. That’s why our online debit order system is perfect for enabling you to take control of your cash flow.

Direct link to BankServ

Direct Debit’s services are on an enterprise-class banking level and all clients obtain debit order facilities directly with Bankserv, making us one of only a few select first-tier bureaus in South Africa.


Convenient collections

Automated recurring debit order collection from customers ensure convenience for both you and your customers. Debit orders run automatically.

Flexible submission

Flexible cut-off time

Regular batch submission deadlines of 12:00 daily with the exception of our integration system, debit order API and web services which caters for cut-off times of 15:30.


Fast reconciliation

Direct integration with Bankserv results in accurate and fast reconciliation. We fully reconcile every debit batch as reconciliation is received from the respective banks.

repayment terms

Negotiable repayment

We constantly monitor your repayment terms and amend them as your collection rates improve. We also negotiate initial repayment terms.


Complete automation

Integration with different debit order systems enable you to automate the entire debit order collection process from initial signup to reconciliation of collection for each debtor.

Save on
bank fees

Save on bank fees

Direct Debit reduces banking fees through professional consultation, direct integrations with the banking system and customized solutions tailored to each business.

Debit Order Collection and Payment Services

EFT Debit & Credit

EFT debit orders and EFT credit payments are available on Same Day (SDV) and Two-Day Collections (2-Day) with a limit of R1,000,000 per instruction.


NAEDO debits are available on Same Day (SDV) with a limit of R30,000 per instruction. NAEDO debits feature the ability to track debtors accounts ensuring funds are collected

Credit Cards

Recurring EFT debits (Same Day) from all major credit cards, including VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club. PCI compliant storage provided.


Account Verification Service to verify clients’ banking details and if the account allows for debits and credits. Service is available Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 16:00.


DebiCheck (Authenticated Collections) will enable collectors to authenticate mandates upfront, reducing unpaid debits and disputes while providing the collector assurance. DebiCheck integrates beautifully with the E-Mandate solution.


Professional, flexible, electronic debit order agreements. E-Mandate allows your customers sign and authorise debit order transactions online and from any web-enabled device. Initiate signing from web, SMS, E-mail or via face to face interaction.

PCI Compliance

Direct Debit’s PCI Vault offers Tokenisation as a Service (TaaS) combined with Entropy as a Service (EaaS) for lightning quick enterprise grade encryption on demand. Safely store payment card data securely and automate collections.

Our Packages & Pricing


Debit order system + API
R 425 Monthly
  • Normal debit order
  • File upload system
  • Contract management
  • API integration
  • Paper mandates
  • R249/once-off setup fee


Standard + E-Mandates
R * Ask Us?
  • Normal debit order
  • File upload system
  • Contract management
  • API integration
  • Electronic mandates
  • Quoted setup fee


Standard + Billing System
R * Ask Us?
  • Normal debit order
  • Invoicing and auto recon
  • Rule-based billing system
  • API integration + webhooks
  • Paper mandates
  • Quoted setup fee


Full Bundle
POA Monthly
  • Normal debit order
  • Invoicing and auto recon
  • Rule-based billing system
  • API integration + webhooks
  • Electronic mandates
  • Quoted setup fee

Account Verification Service, Credit Card and NAEDO (normal debit order with tracking) by request only.

Collect Your Way

We pride ourselves in providing enterprises with the ability to effortlessly process debit order collections via our flexible, secure and efficient systems.

Whether your business requires a simple batch upload facility or a fully automated, cloud-based, contract management solution, Direct Debit has you covered.

  • File Upload

    Web-based, accessed with user code and password. Manually upload a CSV (text) batch file, with your client’s banking details, to our system for processing.

  • Contract Management

    This system functions as a database. It includes predetermined fields and will automatically extract a batch file and load it to Bankserv for processing on the terms specified.

  • SaaS Billing

    The SnapBill system manages customer data, batch collections and automates reconciliation whilst providing flexible invoicing solutions, reports and statistics.

  • Integration

    Connect your front-end system directly with the bank for the facilitation of debit order collections and reconciliation. This is done via a REST debit order API or SOAP web service.

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Direct Debit are industry leaders in debit order collections in South Africa. Whether you are looking for normal debit orders, debit order from credit cards or AEDO/NAEDO and DebiCheck…

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