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NAEDO Debit Order Features

Improved Collection Rate

Credit tracking of up to 32 days may be included on NAEDO collection instructions. If a debtor obtains funds within the tracking period these will be immediately debited to fulfil the NAEDO debit order.

Fast Transaction Reconciliation

Due to the nature of tracking on the account, successful or unsuccessful reconciliation is obtained immediately in order invoke tracking where necessary.

Efficient Processing

All NAEDO payment instructions are randomised giving all Users an equal opportunity of receiving payment and are processed as close as possible after salary credits are paid into the bank accounts of Customers in the early morning.

Benefits of NAEDO Debit Order

Save Time & Fees

Save on admin time and collection fees by giving your customers the option of paying via NAEDO debit order.

Fast Track Recon

Obtain reconciliation on the same day to fast track the debtors process and payment process.

Verify Accounts

Ensure you are making or taking payment to or from the correct person or entity by making use of our account verification service (AVS).

Participating Banks

The following banks allow businesses to process NAEDO debit order collections from bank accounts and are also considered the participating banks in the EDO (Early Debit Order) payment stream:

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