DebiCheck Collection
Authenticated collections (


) enables collectors to authenticate mandates upfront, reducing unpaid debits and disputes while providing the collector assurance.

DebiCheck Debit Order Collections

DebiCheck enables upfront authentication, reducing unpaid debits and disputes while providing the collector assurance.

DebiCheck Explained

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The New Way To Collect

South Africa is the only country in the world that has implemented the he Early Debit Order (EDO) collection system. The EDO system consists of both the AEDO and NAEDO payment streams and have been in existence since 2006 to ensure a fair playing field for all participants.

The AEDO system provides authentication through an electronic mandate using card and pin technology, making disputes virtually impossible.

The NAEDO system on the other hand uses paper based or voice recorded mandates to authorise debit order transactions.

To protect both the sides of the transaction the South African Reserve Bank has requested PASA to develop a new system called DebiCheck to replace Early Debit Orders (EDO).

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Authenticated Collections (DebiCheck)

DebiCheck Collections will give consumers upfront knowledge about their debits through an electronic authentication process, ensuring that debits will be authorised legally and rule out any cash flow management strategies from abusive consumers.

Migration And Initiation

From a systems and product perspective, Direct Debit can provide Users with one of the following two mandatory transaction types, while offering three alternative debit order mandate initiation options (bulk file upload, automation and debit order API integration):

Transaction Type 1 – Real Time (Real-time and delayed) and

Transaction Type 2 – Batch (Non-face-to-face).

Authentication Process

The process of authenticating a DebiCheck debit order consists of 3 steps:

1. Initiating or migrating a debit order mandate through our bulk upload system, automated system or debit order API integration

2. Validation and verification of the payer (account holder’s account) by his/her paying bank and

3. Authorization of the mandate by the payer (account holder) through accepted authentication channels for each sponsoring bank.

Authentication Channels

The customer (account holder) can authenticate the DebiCheck debit order via the following authentication channels:

• Message on Cell phone (USSD)
• Banking App
• Online Banking
• In-branch Banking
• ATMs
• Via Contact Centre
• POS Device

The Benefits of DebiCheck Collections

Lower Dispute Rate
The DebiCheck authentication system will ensure a lower amount of debit order disputes by initially authenticating mandates with your customer (the system will make it a lot more difficult for a customer to dispute who has already authenticated).
Eliminate Abuse by Consumers
The DebiCheck system will eliminate abusive cash flow management strategies from consumers through electronic mandate authentication.
Continued Tracking
The DebiCheck system will still allow transactions to be tracked for a better chance of obtaining your fees for services rendered.
Legal Recourse
The DebiCheck system will ensure you have legal recourse should the customer decide to no longer make payment for services as a debit order mandate authentication is considered a contract between you and your customer.

Direct Debit will be one of the first companies to offer DebiCheck in South Africa, for more information contact us now.

DebiCheck Debit Order

The DebiCheck debit order is a new type of authenticated debit order which is electronically confirmed by the account holder, via their bank or service provider, on a once-off basis…

Many businesses are looking for solutions that complement the debit order collection process and make their lives a whole lot easier, especially when it comes to month-end billing…

Direct Debit are industry leaders in debit order collections in South Africa. Whether you are looking for normal debit orders, debit order from credit cards or AEDO/NAEDO and DebiCheck…

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