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Many businesses are looking for solutions that complement the debit order collection process and make their lives a whole lot easier, especially when it comes to month-end billing. From the sign up of customers via E-Mandate to the automated submission of transactions, Direct Debit is dedicated to offering advance systems…

While COVID-19 has created havoc on society, this change can contribute to positive opportunities on the way we do business within an enterprise for the future. We can now use the opportunity to implement digital transformation by using technology to solve traditional problems, which means integrating technology into every area of the business.

The concept of a debit order service provider collecting funds into an internal bank account (Direct Debit account) and then releasing /paying the funds to your organisation’s account…

Direct Debit is providing debit order collection services to small companies and start-up businesses in South Africa, ensuring upcoming SMEs achieve their goals…

Whether it is online, via an app or in the traditional printed format, magazine subscribers love the quality of content provided by their favourite magazine. Most readers opt in for monthly subscriptions…

If you’ve ever wanted to join a club, you’ve likely considered membership at a country club. Country club membership gets you access to quality activities that create rewarding experiences for the whole family.

Direct Debit are industry leaders in debit order collections in South Africa. Whether you are looking for normal debit orders, debit order from credit cards or AEDO/NAEDO and DebiCheck debit order collection facilities…

The collection of school fees owing to a school is an intricate, involved and controversial activity that is fundamental to the successful operation of the school. Without these fees the quality of education in the fee-paying schools…

The Internet Service Provider (ISP) industry is one of the largest technological industries in South Africa. This is due to South Africa having a thriving start up and tech market…

Looking to get more donations? You may have noticed it’s become tougher than it used to be. With Direct Debit’s debit order collection solutions, such as E-Mandate, it doesn’t have to be.

When deciding on a debit order collection system, you first need to establish your business requirements. Does your service offering lend it to fixed or usage-based amounts?

The majority of South African companies are using some form of debit order collection service these days. Not only is a debit order service quick and easy to use but it is also a sure way…

We can provide debit order systems that assist gyms from the signup of each member to the collection of the actual fees on a recurring monthly basis using debit order.

Using debit order collection software to proactively collect fees from your customers hold many benefits over waiting for them to get around to paying you. This article should guide you…

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